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tv   Sino Tv Early Evening News  PBS  February 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to the journal. >> thank you for joining us. >> the eu's foreign policy minister holds talks in geneva on italian territory. they make the call for national unity and and and for the strikes. and a couple of astronauts take a virtual walk on the surface of mars and a simulated mission for the red planet. the european union's foreign- policy chief has arrived in
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tunisia. in the capital, they expressed support for the caretaker government and said that it was committed to supporting tunisia. they are also going to address the issue of all undocumented migrants trying to reach europe. other north africans have arrived on the italian island in the last week. >> they have been coming in small boats like this one. 5000 arrived in the last week alone, more than and all of last year. >> we have friends in france. there are lots of workers, and there is not as much unemployment. the russian political unrest has made many of them nervous about their country's future. that is creating a problem for
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european leaders. >> people that don't want to be in tunisia can all come to europe. -- can't all come to europe. our goal is to help these companies -- countries solve their problems. >> the tide of migrants was also on the agenda. they promised europe would help. >> to support civil society. and to help provide opportunities. >> italy is sending the refugees to processing centers while the european union looks for ways to stem the flow coming from north africa. >> for more on this story, i
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spoke earlier to our brussels correspondent. i asked what they were doing to help cope with the crisis. >> first the ease the tension between brussels and italy. and as you say, she has already spoken about the situation. what can they do? the accord means the national responses to border security in europe. -- how they coordinate and national response to border security in europe are. it could be days or weeks before that could be coordinated. it is not like there is a pool of european naval vessels. there is a bit of tension between italy and brussels over what has been requested and how
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swiftly? -- swiftly. there is a real technical problem going on right now. >> egypt's army his colleague for national solidarity and has criticized the spread of strike action in a number of sectors. the plea came after thousands of employees demanded better pay. the army spokesman says the professional unions and labor unions need to play their role fully. hundreds of police officers marched into tahrir square. >> these police officers are shouting, we the people belong together. hundreds of police officers gathered in the square to show their support for the protest movement. seeing that they were victims of the system, too.
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>> i am for the people, we love the people. we serve everyone. we never hated the people. may god take revenge on the tyrants. >> many are still angry with the security forces. earlier, the military had cleared tahrir square. the military wants life in cairo to return to normal. fresh rumors have emerged about the whereabouts of former president mubarak. >> and we are [unintelligible] we need that money to come back to our country to refresh our economy. >> they have promised free and fair elections in six months.
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>> it has appeared to have spread to iran. police cracked down on an opposition n.y. demonstration using tear gas. internet access, mobile phone networks, and some satellite channels have been blocked. in syria, a military court has sentenced the female blogger to jail for spying for the u.s. the 19-year-old was arrested in 2009, saying she yearned for a role in shaping the future of syria. she asked president barack obama to do more to support the palestinian cause.
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this is another side of the crackdown on opposition in syria. >> and big debt problems in communities across germany. the debt has risen dramatically. despite an economic rebound, and german towns and cities broad and far fewer revenues last year and then they spent. it rose to nearly 10 billion euros, the largest in post-war history. >> like many other cities in germany, frankfurt is struggling to make ends meet. the economy is booming but spending is on the rise. basic social costs are a heavy burden. >> let's take a look at my city.
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our basic social spending was 19 million euros in 2010. it was 27.5 million euros in 2005. >> off and cultural services are the first to go. >> in recent years, we had to close theaters. there is even discussion about closing the museum. so the cost-cutting measures are getting tougher. municipalities are raising local fees to increase revenues. and even the dogs tax is set to increase.
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there is a summary from the frankfurt stock exchange. fuel demand for german stocks, for example, the chemicals conglomerate were among the biggest gainers. germany's life insurance companies have to provide higher cash reserves because in recent years, interest rates were higher. a guaranteed higher returns. but now, as interest rates are very low, in order to fulfill those contracts, insurance companies have to set aside much more money. >> the leading blue chips gave
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up a bit of ground on monday finishing 1/5 of 1% lower. the dow currently trading just a bit lower. on currency markets -- u.s. president barack obama has unveiled his fiscal budget plan for 2012. he wants to slash 1.1 trillion over the budget in the next decade. the president's proposal will have to be approved by congress in the plan will face a long and tough battle amid resistance from both republicans and democrats. the world's largest mobile phone fare is under way in the spanish city of barcelona. the smart phones are the stars
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of the show. and rightly so. more smart phones are being sold worldwide than personal computers. >> sony ericsson is hoping to win game lovers. google's mobile operating system. >> android is an open system. and we are happy that we can use it. wheat and talking developers that what to launch their games. >> anyone can develop applications and games. they offer a felon with -- phone with 3d capabilities. the company is focusing on cooperation with microsoft. >> our message to the customers
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is that we have an opportunity to deliver the highest quality experience between the device, the applications, and the services that surround them. the culmination of efforts between microsoft and nokia re a very compelling offer. -- create a very compelling offer. google has a 33 % share of the market. >> hardware is taking a back seat. the maturity of cellphone programs are being developed in the u.s.. european competitors are falling far behind. >> let's go to the movies. >> another big film premiered in the competition section of the berlin film festival. ralph fiennes' directorial
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debut says his version of the shakespeare classic was inspired by the 24 hour coverage of wars and riots. vanessa redgrave plays volumina. and the russian movie "innocent saturday" screened. it deals with the accident at the chernobyl plant. in the of communist party official that wants to flee the area with his girlfriend. i asked them to tell me what is so special about this movie. >> it takes this catastrophic event at tilsit from a very personal side -- in details its from the very personal side.
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they don't know why this cloud is descending on them. it mixes the personal with the political. this is the film to look out for when the awards are handed out. >> another interesting film was shown today, was this endeavor as successful as his acting? >> is different from what we are used to seeing him in. he took the money he earned from the harry potter franchise and stuck it in this passion project. it is a very powerful performance, and i think we should expect to see ralph fiennes getting best actor. >> thank you for that update. from movies to space now, ever since the first space flight was
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accomplished, astronauts have been fascinated with going to mars. scientists in russia have gone a step closer to achieving that goal. in an ambitious experiment for >> they are taking their first steps on the surface of mars. they want to be the historic moment. it is the halfway point in the mission for these pioneers. >> the technical conditions would be different with a real mars mission. how they react in extreme situations is the same. that is what makes the work so important. >> 6 volunteers have been living in this container at the space center to allow scientists to see how humans would respond to
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such a long voyage. they have been suggested -- subjected to constant testing. >> we can examine the test subjects in a controlled way over a long period of time. we can look in the assault content in their food and blood pressure. that has never been documented in this way before. >> they still have another eight months in isolation. >> finally, brazilian soccer legend reynaldo says he is retiring, putting the end to what of the most successful careers in soccer. he is telling out after 17 years in the spotlight. injuries and health problems were stopping him from playing in top form. he was named fifa world player
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of the year 3 times. we will be back after a short break.
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>> welcome back. egypt's military has called on protestors to return to work and not to strike. after the toppling of the mubarak regime, new stirkes have been in -- strikes have been in a number of locations demanding better pay and working conditions. millions of egyptians are calling to an end to corruption that they say is rampant. more often than not, only the well-connected get business permits. that ensures that wealth is concentrated in a few hands. >> employees of private sector and state of the banks went on strike in cairo on sunday to
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demand better pay and removal of executives they say are corrupt. >> the general managers are appointed by the sons of mubarak. they are being paid incredible salaries. >> 30 years of mubarak meant 30 years of bribery. transparency international has regularly given them poor marks. the challenge facing any future government is job creation. many people are casual laborers or farmhands. people wait for hours for offers of work. poverty is widespread.
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at the same time, inflation is rising, food prices increased 20%. it is an unsustainable situation for many. a stable commodity is wheat. used to make bread. egypt doesn't grow enough to feed its people. a lot of it is important of the global market where the price has soared over the last year. people are demanding not only democracy, but an economic revival. >> earlier, we talked to middle eastern affairs expert, and we put it to him that the egyptian revolution had a strong economic component.
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what does the military need to do to create jobs for the millions of unemployed? >> military does not really have an answer for this question. they will try to install a civilian government to have the government solve the issue. the revolution will only be successful if egyptians not only achieved democracy, but also economic well-being. let's not forget that almost half of the egyptian population lives below the poverty line of less than $2 a day. this is a very severe burden on the egyptian economy. tourism plays a big deal. it will probably be seen again,
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and there is the strategic importance, lots of the biological food is being imported from egypt. and there is more room for imports from egypt. and there is the educated middle class that is able to really open its markets into the telecommunications sector, for instance. >> what can the u.s. to do from here? let me direct its funding? >> if the united states puts it on the backs of the military leadership, they invite these people to send this money to bank accounts in switzerland and elsewhere. it would be more helpful if it
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was directed to the egyptian people and those who need it. i think the american government should develop a marshall plan. most of the university professors, they are very well educated. they need to have two or three jobs at the same time. it will be much more helpful for egypt if they earned a decent salary. that is a very important step forward. they have already paid hundreds of millions of dollars to egypt , in germany has a positive image. it could continue to support civil society in order to help with the educational field and
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the professional field to get more professionals to work. >> there has been a seismic shift in how people see themselves and their understanding of their relationship demonstrated to the world that egyptians have the capacity to govern themselves and they are not intent on being ruled by the leak. >> most of the patrons in this [unintelligible] some of the older people do not fall of the news closely.
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but the younger ones do. >> i call home every day, or i use my cell phone so i know what is going on in algeria. >> they have relatives back home. there is a significant moroccan community. they often meet at the market. mubarak and his wife have lived in france for 20 years. >> it is something new. people said arabs don't enjoy basic rights. that got me thinking that things have changed. >> they cannot imagine a similar
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uprising. >> and there is the freedom of press, human rights. we feel free and morocco. >> he agrees. he was visiting his son that studies there. the father and son say that there will not be an uprising because things are not bad there. >> i was born there and grew up there. things have improved a lot since the young king took the throne. >> the north africans we spoke to welcome the changes indonesia and egypt. they believe the movement will improve the perception of arabs in the rest -- west. >> that is all we have time for
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on this edition of "the journal." thank you for joining us.
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>>this week on world business... >>a special show from the asian winter games in kazakhstan... an event not only impressive for spectators, but also a golden opportunity for the country to grab the world's attention. >>if major gangs come to a developing country, the halo effect of you know a great brand like the asian winter games actually has passes off that positive impact to the nation. >>along with the winter olympics in sochi and the fifa world cup in qatar and russia.... these gamesare part of a trend towards emerging markets hosting global sporting events. >>more and more interesting developing countries have got that kind of money now but i think also the tv audiences are up for a bit of variety. i think they're interested in seeing new places, new landscapes, new cultures. >>and why embracing sport is good for the health of the population and the economy.
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>>hello and welcome. i'm eckart sager and this is world business, your weekly insight into the global business trends shaping our lives. this week we are coming to you from kazakhstan... where the asian winter games are being held. an event that is not only a great source of pride for the kazakhs, but also a great chance for this young nation to showcase itself to the world.
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>>reporter: more than 800 athletes from 27 asian countries competing for 65 titles -- with the world watching - as kazakhstan hosted its biggest ever sporting event. >>rogge: my trip started in astana. i have seen a lot of very good infrastructure there. the organisation is first class. the opening ceremony was really outstanding. >>reporter: hosted in two different cities - astana and almaty, it's a first for the asian winter
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games. also impressive, the price tag: more than one point six billion dollars invested in new stadia- extended ski runs and revamped's now part of a much bigger movement: developing nations such as south africa, brazil and russia -- are increasingly our new global sporting hosts. >>rogge: definitely there is a trend with emerging markets and particularly asia organising major sporting events. .... there is definitely the economic strength of these emerging markets that we see we saw itin brazil when we awarded the games. >>anholt: more and more interesting developing countries have got that kind of money now but i think also the tv audiences are up for a bit of variety. i think they're interested in seeing new places, new landscapes, new cultures. >>lovett: if major gangs come to a developing country, the halo effect of you know a great brand like the asian winter games actually has
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passes off that positive impact to the nation. >>reporter: kazakhstan's certainly on a high, scoring the most medals -- but the real prize: another chance to showcase this central asian nation on the world stage. >>massimov: with all these events, asian games, wef summit , ebrd summit in may, sco, shanghai cooperation organisation summit in june, all together and former last year summit of osce all together is a new and good opportunity to put kazakhstan on the global map. >>gusenbauer: these are all events that of course put kazakhstan into the spotlight not only in the energy field where it is already but also accessible for a broader public. >>reporter:
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hosting the 7th asian winter games, like other events, is part of kazakhstan's efforts to diversify its economy. the aim is to use the nation's new-found wealth from natural resources to boost other sectors. >>kwasniewski: this is a problem, how to imagine, and how to propose, and how to implement this new concept of economy after gas, after oil after uranium, not yet but next 50 years. >>kelimbetov: i think the role of the kazakhstan economy is to be a services economy to the giants of russia and china. like canadians do it to united states or austria to germany. we understand our role and our niches in those market. >>reporter: it's this understanding that has kazakhstan now gearing up for its next bid: the winter olympics. >>rogge: i think that kazakhstan has very good assets to organise eventually the games in 2022. you have a very good infrastructure, you have
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the geography. you have snow and ice, you are very experienced people, you have great champions, so all the conditions are met. >>reporter: of course it is not easy to win the bid to host the olympics, there's likely to be competition from other emerging economies as they realise it's more than just a game of sport. >>kazakhstan's hosting of the games is part of a wider trend, with many prestigious sports events now moving to emerging markets. i sat down with the president of the olympic council of asia, sheikh ahmad al-fahad al- sabah, and asked him what that means for kazakhstan. >>al-fahad al sabah: all those underdevelopment country having their own strategy and plan for future
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of their country all of them want to be bigger, develop and more role in the international society and also better relation and pr with other nation and continent for that if you go in qatar as example doha game and nowfor the world cup and they are now bidding for the olympic game. how we can make the sport, part ofthe program and strategy to reach for whatever they are looking for and their country, for the benefit for their economy and pr. >>sager: your excellency you mentioned earlier that these asian winter games have been elevated to new levels, explain? >>al-fahad al sabah: after 1992 barcelona game and the professionalism start in these sports also we have to change our mechanism to reach this level... for that. since that time two decades now, we are working very hard to bring our level to every high standard to reach the standard of the international
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organisation event and i think you can compete between beijing olympic game and the guangzhou asian game to be fairi cannot see who is better than the other, facilities opening ceremony all those details. now, i think after we have some unique game in our continent like beijing and oman and you can find the different culture and how oman have different opening ceremony than their culture, this is mean we are having a better education about sport and movement and the benefit of these kind of events. now in kazakhstan and new region, it is in the central asia a new country, 20 years old only coming after the soviet union and they start to build themselves and you have the opening ceremony i cannot found a lot of different between vancouver and astana opening ceremony. we are also on the same level of theinternational movement.
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what i mean the game in this continent start to be in the same level of the game and this is what you can see what we know by the mechanism, the procedures, the solidarity the support the way we are dealing during our system. this is i think our target, this was the dream of the founder of sport in our continent and we are a part of five rings and this is very important we are not doing this because we are unique we think we are doing this because we are united with other rings and everybody should work together to raise the sport level and we are achieving a lot of our goals and targets. >>sager: now this is the first time the asian winter games are being hosted in two different cities, astana the capital of kazakhstan and almaty the financial capital. how much of a challenge was that? >>al-fahad al sabah: for us this is a new experience. not only for the oca or the council for asia. but also for international federation. you will find any multi sport game. you cannot host it
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in two cities. and the idea you have to have a very close link together is one of the sport and the ideals. but it was a new experience for me, i think it was very successful. all the indoor sports was in astana all the mountain events is in almaty. i am trying to help this country, to help two society, two generation in one game. for them it's more difficult because they have to work double. double preparation, double planning, double work. but for us we have our game. our goal, we are achieving them through this game. but also we are dividing all those facility, which will help to develop sport. and will help to educate a new generation. how good is sport. ... for that i think this will be very nice for thekazakh people to divide their facility. and to invest
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it in the right way for their society. and for the generation and for the sports movement. >>eckart sager: now what are the odds of kazakhstan being awarded the 2022 or 2026 winter olympics? >>al-fahad al sabah: if korea get to 2018, it will be 50/50. if korea don't get 2018, it will be 100% >>still to come on world business... >>how the games may be inspiring the next generation of athletes. >>and translating natural riches into tourist revenues...kazakhstan could soon become a hot spot forholiday makers. >>it will have to focus on a series of special interest and niche markets which take time to develop. fortunately for kazakhstan it has a nascent winter sports
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and adventure sector. >>putting the country on the map... and the rest in just a moment on world business... >>the president and prime minister of kazakhstan are themselves keen sportsmen and both are now encouraging people to take up more sports. an active population is not only healthy economically, but it is also much more likely to produce world class athletes.
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>>reporter: kazakhstan's economic health has soared in the last 10 years...but that improvement hasn't been matched by the health of its citizens...whose life expectancy today stands at 68 years... that's a relatively poor ranking of about 150th in the world...a ranking which is largely self inflicted... >>kassymova: the main reason for the high morbidity is an unhealthy lifestyle. people don't have an active lifestyle and they fail to keep up with simple nutrition skills. >>reporter: on the streets of astana, less than ideal health habits aren't hard to spot...27% of kazakhstani's smoke, for example...which is why hosting the asian winter games is in some ways....a matter of life and death... >>kassymova: the main goal of this event is the promotion of an active lifestyle and also the promotion of mass sporting
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activity. as a result we will have a healthier population, plus a lower mortality and morbidity rate. >>reporter: for those who are already keen to get fit, sporting facilities are available and places like this recreation centre...where a dip in the pool will set you back 2 euros... >>gordienko: this is the best pool in astana because it is the warmest and cleanest and it's affordable because our prices are cheap. >>zhumabayeva: this swimming pool is the proof of a social care of the state. the prices are very low. >>reporter: some of course...hardly need anything in the way of facilities to get active...and even when the temperature's 20 degrees below zero celcius... you can find a wide variety of sporting activities goingon...ranging from the boisterous, to the serene....
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>>reporter: meanwhile...a little further down the river... >>reporter: the problem is that motivated folks like these are in a sizeable minority...because only about 23% of the population takes part in regular physical activity... >>reporter: while it's hoped the winter games will encourage people to take up sport...kazakhstan is also spending around $3b on a wide ranging, 5 year programme designed to improve a health service 80% controlled by the government...with a strong emphasis on illness prevention ...a key goal is to reduce treatment within hospitals....which currently sucks up about 90% of the healthcare budget >>kairbekova: inpatient facilities devour the most funds. so our task is to refocus on primary health.
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>>reporter: currently kazakhstan spends around 4% of its gdp on healthcare. that's up from 2.5% in 2005, but less than an eu average closer to 7%. despite that still low figure, patients can receive satisfactory treatment, especially if they live in the right area... >>morina: for me it's easy to get access to the medical care because i live in this area and belong to this hospital. so i go to my gp..she gives me the reference and i can attend any doctor i need. >>myrzagaliyev: i think the quality delivered is at a high level. so i can always ask for medical care because thanks to my address i belong to this hospital. >>reporter: however, it's estimated the world's 9th largest nation is currently short of 2000 doctors and it's difficult to provide quality care outside of the cities...where 40% of the population live. >>kairbekova:
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kazakhstan is a vast territory so the first problem is distant locations. so one of the first problems we need to solve is the easy access. >>reporter: the healthy kazakhstan programme has various fixed targets in place, such as a goal to reduce smoking 15% by then its also hoped gps will be handling 30% of patient treatment...., and that the general health of the nation itself will have improved... >>kairbekova: there are some indicators that year by year are improving so by the first of january 2016 we predictthat life expectancy here will be 70 years. >>reporter: of course there are many different ways to improve your chances of reaching that 70 year mark...taking a sauna while wearing a silly hat and then jumping into a frozen river may well be one of them.... >>jong:
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it's definitely fresh! >>reporter: the juries still out on that one....but whatever they get up to...the government hopes to see a 25% increase in people doing regular exercise by 2015...the effect on citizens health of hosting a majorsporting event is difficult to measure ...although china is adamant hosting the olympics resulted in increased physical activity and a drop in cigarette smoking by a third among its here...they're optimistic... >>prilepko: i think that young people will be attracted to this because they will go in for figure skating and maybe other winter sports. >>makhambetov: after the asian winter games the interest will definitely increase because you can see a lot of our citizens are watching these games. >>reporter: and if that proves to be true...the most important sports result here...will
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simply be a healthier kazakhstan... >>zhumabayeva: there are lots of opportunities. as for those who don't want to do it? well...let them lay on the sofa... >>knyazev: the more people go swimming the less we will go to doctors. so we are for the healthy lifestyle. go kazakhstan! >>the scope for tourism in kazakhstan is vast, but relatively untapped. the country is home to stunning mountains with great potential for skiing in winter and hiking in summer. by making the most of these natural assets, the country could tap into huge new revenue streams. >>reporter: kazakhstan: a geographical heavyweight - in fact -- the world's ninth largest country. but when it comes to tourism - it's punching well below its weight.
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>>fletcher: certainly from a tourism perspective so the country is not well known and that is part of the problem it's also not a mass tourism destination. >>peters: it's in a relatively remote part of the world. there's always a market for tourist to places that not many other people go to. >>reporter: this central asian nation may get over 4 million visitors a year, but they're mainly here for business. >>that's why kazakhstan's now trying to boost its presence as a holiday destination on the new silk road -- through cultural and sporting events. >>easen: the asian winter games is widely seen here as part of kazakhstan's renewed efforts to evolve from a commodity export based economy to a multi-dimensional one that involves other
6:51 pm
industries such as tourism, but this is not without its challenges. >>bogoutdinova: unfortunately the foreigners doesn't know anything about kazakhstan they think that we are riding the camels and etc..that they are quite wild or something like this. but i am sure that because of this asian games because of lots of other events kazakhstan will be available will be more recognisablefor foreigners. >>shaikenova: some western tourists don't think we are a safe country and we still don't really understand what itis about kazakhstan that is really interesting for foreigners. we are very far from western europe and to fly here is very expensive. we are a very big country and in order to travel
6:52 pm
across kazakhstan, you need three to four hours by plane. >>reporter: large, land-locked and distant from traditional source markets kazakhstan realises it must play to its strengths, but also to its neighbours, whose growing middle classes are now hungry to travel. >>dosmukhambetov: china next to india has a combined population of 3.5 billion - a lot of them don't see snow at all. that's why we all work hard in developing winter
6:53 pm
tourism. >>fletcher: it will have to focus on a series of special interest and niche markets which take time to develop. fortunately for kazakhstan it has a nascent winter sports and adventure sector. >>reporter: take vera gutsalyuk, she runs stables outside almaty; popular with the city's expatriate residents, but she receives only 25 overseas visitors a year, mainly europeans wanting to ride horses in the tien shan mountains. yet vera and others believe the potential for adventure tourism is enormous. >>gutsalyuk: we need to improve our services, we have very good air here, beautiful countryside, there is nothingmore beautiful than
6:54 pm
kazakhstan -- if we will improve services a little bit everything will be fine. >>anholt: now the thing that, the asset that kazakhstan has got is basically its landscape, it's a very beautiful country and people don't know that. i think they're interested in seeing new places, new landscapes, new cultures. we are looking at a world where and in fact my research confirms this that peopleare less and less interested in the conventional top ten countries anymore and more and more interested in the emerging countries. >>reporter: in its bid to diversify its economy -- tourism offers kazakhstan a better chance of spreading the wealth more evenly among its 16 million people than other sectors of the economy. >>fletcher: tourism generally speaking is labour intensive and tourism generally speaking is spread right aroundthe country can create employment geographically in a more disparate way than the energy sector or the commodity sector.
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>>massimov: the whole world will understand it is not only this place for oil and minerals but this is a place where you can get high quality services for winter rest. i strongly believe it will have a strong impact on that. >>foster: what the government is trying to do here of course is it is trying to develop a value-added economy and transportation tourism to some extent as well. as part of that we see steady growth and you knowwe've no doubt that that can be realised just by virtue of the fact that the development potential is absolutely massive around here because of the region. >>reporter: if kazakhstan focuses not only on niche tourism and targets emerging markets, it could be tapping into a winning combination that goes well beyond the asian winter games.
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>>that's it for this week's world business. thanks for watching. we'll see you again at the same time next week.
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